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It's FREE. Start now. provides an unbiased online platform to connect business owners, brokers, buyers and sellers  to  buy and sell makes the whole process of buying and selling businesses so easy, affordable and effective.BizKingdom is also an active online place for vendors to promote and grow their business in our great business community. is a very active online destination among the Asian American community. BizKingdom is the fastest growing community of business buyers, sellers, brokers and vendors. The best aspect about our service is that we allow you to post listings pertaining to any sort of business. Whether it is a motel, hotel, gas station for sale, liquor store, convenience store, dry cleaning business, fast food restaurants or any other businesses for sale, you can advertise on our site – Its very easy, affordable and effective!

Unlike so many other sites, which charge a hefty fees of $100 or more for business buying and selling services, we offer our services for a very affordable price of $30 a month Free for Limited time only. We believe that through our site we can help buyers, business owners, brokers as well as sellers connect through a common platform – our site. Thus, we are not posing as brokers or intermediaries, we do not charge any commission or any kind of fees when your business is sold through BizKingdom. We also do not endorse any business for sell ad or listings. Instead, we are a neutral provider of a platform where you get to advertise and sell as well as buy a business as per your convenience and preference.

At, we are committed to help business owners, brokers, buyers and vendors fulfill their business dreams!



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