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Customer Testimonials
"BizKingdom is very active and happening online place in Asian American community of Gas Station owners.Good Job"

Mike Patel
C-Store owner

"What a great way to connect with business buyers and sellers! Even save money by getting free quotes from vendors.Great idea!"

Mr.Mike Shah
C-Store owner

When it comes to selling your business, there are many things to watch and care for. We at makes it so easy taking care of all your privacy and confidentiality along with giving great exposure to your business for sale listings.

Here are some benefits of selling your business on BizKingdom.

Privacy and confidentiality: When you discuss your business for sale among your friends and family, they look at you with lots of doubts and create a credibility issue with so many questions in their mind, you never thought will create such a bad impression on you. whole your family and friends network will come to know that your business is for sale and will become a talk of the town with all your sales volume and financial figures floating in open market. Sell your business on, where you have an option to keep your name and location (city, county and state) hidden. Yes! You do not have to disclose your name and location when selling your business.

When you sell your business in traditional style, all your financial figures are available in open market with everyone including your competitors. Have you ever thought about if your employees found out that your business is for sale.”you know they will not stay even a day with you and start looking for a new job”

On, you get all interested business buyers inquiry through our email channel without revealing your phone numbers or emails giving you option to talk to only interested and serious buyers.

In a traditional way of selling a business, if your business is for sale for a longer period of time, your asking price and counter offers from buyers just keep dropping drastically. Yes, when the market knows that your business is for sale long time and you are not getting a buyer they think there is something wrong in business and even if you get an inquiry from a buyer they will not even come close to your asking price, they will offer you way below your asking price thinking your business is for sale long long time.

Here on BizKingdom, everything is hidden. You have option to control your asking price. Drop or Raise it whenever you want. Don’t let someone else judge and decide price for your business.
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