There are several advantages when it comes to buying a business. It is certainly less risky compared to a new business from the ground-up. There are also numerous other reasons why potential buyers are picking up businesses for sale.

1. Tap into customers
One of the biggest reasons why you want to buy a business, which already exists is because you get to tap into a customer base already in place. The existing business would already be having a super database of interested and targeted customers. It saves you plenty of hassles in trying to build on a database of customers by purchasing businesses for sale. When you start operating your new business you will already have a steady set of established customers who believe in your brand and are willing to buy. If you had to start a new business venture from scratch, you would have to spend considerable amounts of time in procuring customers, establishing a rapport with them and instilling confidence. When you buy business it saves you plenty of time because you already have a customer base in place.

2. Save on training costs
If you had to start a brand new business ground-up you would not only need to recruit employees but also train them in all the necessary skill sets to perform their roles optimally. This can take time, money and plenty of effort. In contrast, if you were to buy a business you would have access to an existing set of employees who have the necessary knowledge and experience to succeed in their respective roles. Thus, you do not need to spend time spoon-feeding them, as they already know what to do!

3. Operating glitches avoided
One of the other advantages when you buy a business is that all the major operational glitches and errors have been rectified. Thus, you do not need to invest time and money in reinventing the wheel, so to speak. All the primary aspects pertaining to operational issues have already been sorted out so you can devote time to more critical business issues.

4. Vendor relationships in place
when you buy business all the vendor relationships are already in their place. These vendors already know the subtle nuances, which comprise your individual business and have a good rapport with your staff as well! 

5. Location established
Location can be critical to the success of any business. Almost every business for sale listed online has had a strong offline presence in a particular locality for several years. When you take over, you do not have to invest time, money and energy choosing and setting up a location.

6. Credibility and trust already present
Existing businesses for sale already have a steady reputation and credibility established amongst their clients. When you buy a business you do not need to reinvent the wheel in establishing credibility and trust amongst clients. It takes companies decades to build a reputation and buying an existing business helps you capitalize on this aspect. 

7. Minimal risk involved
In a new business you do not have any access to prior financial statements. You must make all decisions pertaining to business growth and sales. However, when you buy a business you have existing financial statements on which, you can base an informed decision. These statements ensure better predictability and help you correctly estimate the proper track for future business growth. 
(Beware of the manipulated income/financial statements)