It is free. Yes, on our site, you can post your listing pertaining to your business sale free. We do not charge our sellers anything and you can get access to a wide reach of customers through our site.

If you are a broker and want to post your listings, you can do so free too! We have a separate section dedicated to business brokers where you can post listings free.

You will get access to the entire Asian community across the USA. No matter which state in the US you belong to, you will be able to get plenty of enquiries from genuine interested customers located in the US. Thus, when you post a listing on our site, you not only access our services free but also get massive exposure.

There is no need to make any payment because we provide our listing services free. You can post listings whether you are a business seller, a business broker, a buyer, a lender or even if you wish to promote your products and services. If you choose to do this, you can list your products or services on our Vendors Force section of the site free.

No. We are a neutral platform for you to post listings. The actual transaction is between you and the buyer and we are uninvolved throughout the entire process.

Yes. You can edit a previous ad you have posted on our site at any time you choose to. You just need to access your account details and edit your ad from within that section.

No. We keep the information of all our customers private and confidential and we do not sell any of this information to any third party entity.

Yes. If you want your listing to be confidential, we can arrange for that. Thus, in such cases, prospective business buyers contact you via email and in this manner, all of your contact details are private and not shared for the public.