If you are a business broker your ultimate objective is to ensure that your business listings are sold fast. This can only happen if you are able to reach out to numerous people interested to buy business as well as a platform to advertise your listings. At BizKingdom.com, we offer you just the kind of service you need to ensure expedited sales and commissions for you.


How we do it

At BizKingdom.com, we provide you with a neutral platform to help you post your listings pertaining to businesses for sale. When you post listings on our site, you are instantly connected to thousands of interested buyers from the Asian community. Thus, irrespective of which state in the US you are located, you can be sure to receive almost instant enquiries from thousands of interested buyers. In addition, our services at BizKingdom.com are completely free. This means that you do not have to pay a single dime or pay any upfront cost for posting your listings on our site. This is in stark contrast to so many sites, which offer similar bizbuysell services at a fee. Our site is meant to help business brokers like yourself as well as buyers and sellers connect via a neutral platform. We do not get involved in any part of the business transaction and neither do we charge any commissions once a sale happens when a listing on our site transforms into a sale.


Faster sales

One of the biggest advantages of posting your listings with us at BizKingdom.com, is that you get access to faster sales like never before. This is because as soon as you post a listing for a business for sale with us, you instantly get connected with thousands of interested buyers across the diverse Asian community. In addition, we have a wide coverage and reach through the Asian community across the entire USA. Thus, irrespective of which part of the USA you are from, you can expect sales to happen fast. No matter which business you are trying to sell, whether it is a gas station for sale, restaurants or liquor stores for sale, you can be rest assured that sales will happen fast. We cater exclusively to the Asian Indian community and all retail stores listings, convenient stores as well as fastfood outlets have seen record sales on our site. The sales happen fast and we have always had very satisfied clients. In addition, the fact that all of our services are free is another added impetus for you to post listings on our site.


Neutral party

At BizKingdom.com, we are not in any way participative of the transactions between you the business broker and the seller or the buyer. Any business for sale is only listed on our site and after that it is solely between you and the buyer or seller as to the mode and method of transaction. It is mutually between you and the buyer or seller and we at BizKingdom.com are not involved in the transaction in any manner.